Mr. Harshil Modi makes US Taekwon-Do team and will compete in Ireland at the ITF World Championships this October, 2017

Mr. Modi had a tough time at Nationals.  He started out great, beating his long time opponent, the son of Master Fabian Nunez, Baron Nunez.  However then lost his next two matches by close margins.  He won his 4th match to ensure a second place three way tie after Mr. Baron Nunez beat those same two opponents who had beaten Mr. Modi.  Only the first and second place finishers at nationals are qualified to attend the World Championships, so Mr. Modi had to step up and fight the two opponents that he had lost to again.  With grit and determination he was able to beat them both, thus securing his second place position in the bracket and a place on the US Team in the Light Heavyweight sparring division.Modi2nd

UT Taekwon-Do Competes in Houston

Our club had a very successful competition in Houston at the Annual H.I.T.T. tournament hosted by Mr. Dennis Denny.  We need to work on our patterns competition, however, sparring looked really good, with Mr. Modi receiving silver in black belt sparring, and Ms. O’Casey getting a gold, then getting to learn from the black belts in an exhibition match!